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Draytek Business Continuity

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Draytek's Business Continuity

This new Business Continuity mini guide from Draytek aims to help identify the critical points of internet connectivity failure that can occur and offer solutions from DrayTek that offer a contingency option.

The good news is that the business continuity can be drastically improved relatively easily and without huge costs by a simple review of the network setup and the implementation of the right solution.

Within the handy guide you will find the main drivers leading to connectivity reliance, the types of business continuity strategies to consider and the practical solutions available from DrayTek.

Drayteks’ Business Continuity Solution Set

  • Line Resilience - Draytek routers connect to the internet services with a primary connection that is permanently connected in normal circumstances and a secondary connection that remains passive and only passes traffic if the primary fails.


  • 3G/4G and LTE - One of the most cost effective ways of providing line resilience is to create a secondary connection using 3G/4G Service. Many organisations use a pay as you go contract to make 3G/4G as cost effective as possible. Draytek Vigor 2860L LTE Routers have built in 3G/4G connectivity which is compatible with pretty much all UK and Ireland networks.


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