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DrayTek Promotions

DrayTek Promotions

Award-winning manufacturer of broadband and networking solutions

DrayTek UK is a leading, award-winning manufacturer of business class broadband and networking solutions. Draytek offer a complete range of enterprise network equipment for Internet connectivity, wireless networks, mesh Wi-Fi systems, switching, broadband routers, secure VPN, along with remote management tools. DrayTek's focuses on promoting high-performance, cost-efficient and reliable networking solutions, helping organisations within retail, enterprise, home-based, hospitality and education, realise the full potential of their network.

Featured Products:

Introducing the new VigorAP 960, Ceiling or Wall Mounted Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Wireless PoE Access Point.

The DrayTek Vigor AP 960C is a Wi-Fi 6 access point with mesh facilities, offering up to 1.8Gbps dual-band total wireless capacity. Wi-Fi 6 brings significantly improved efficiency, not only through its higher speed but by better allocating bandwidth, allowing more client capacity. DrayTek’s Mesh with VLAN capability can significantly reduce the cost of network deployments, improves coverage, and eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones.

Vigor 2927 Router

  • Dual-WAN Gigabit Ethernet WAN Router with Load Balancing & Failover.
  • Up to 950Mbps Throughput per WAN interface, 1800Mbps in total.
  • Up to 300Mbps IPsec VPN Throughput.
  • 50 x LAN-to-LAN & Remote Teleworker VPN Tunnels.
  • 25 x DrayTek SSL VPN or OpenVPN Tunnels.
  • SPI Firewall and Content Filtering
  • Compatible with VigorACS central management platform.

Code: 68074

Vigor 2962 Router

  • Dual-WAN, 2.5 Gigabit, Ethernet & SFP WAN Router with Load Balancing & Failover with Route Policy for advanced routing management.
  • Up to 2.2Gbps Total Throughput for single or multi-WAN configurations.
  • Up to 900Mbps IPsec VPN Throughput.
  • 200 LAN-to-LAN & Remote Teleworker VPN Tunnels.
  • 50 DrayTek SSL VPN or OpenVPN Tunnels.
  • SPI Firewall and Content Filtering
  • Compatible with VigorACS central management platform.

Code: 69149

Central Management with DrayTek VigorACS

The DrayTek products can be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management system - a cloud platform which can manage most DrayTek products - routers, wireless access points and Ethernet switches, giving you complete visibility and control of your DrayTek product estate, even without a DrayTek Vigor router on site.

The DrayTek VigorACS management system can be used to configure and provision devices, similarly to performing these actions through the devices web interface, with a familiar menu layout in the Configuration section of VigorACS.

DrayTek's VigorACS management monitors the devices, with a Dashboard view giving a central overview of the most important information from the device’s status.

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