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DrayTek VigorSwitch G2500

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DrayTek Vigorswitch G2500

Fully Managed 50 Port Gigabit Switch

The NEW DrayTek VigorSwitch G2500 is a high-performance, fully managed Gigabit switch, with 44x Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4x GbE/SFP combo ports, 2x SFP ports, 1x console port and enterprise-level features that ensure reliability and simplified network management.

Vigorswitch G2500

Premium. Reliable. Affordable

Affordable and easy to use, VigorSwitch G2500 delivers robust performance, and simplifies growing networks. Ideal for business networks with many devices.

Perfect with VigorACS cloud management software and any DrayTek router.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Designed for Centralised Management
    Can be configured and monitored instantly through both the VigorACS cloud management platform and/or, a DrayTek Vigor router’s central switch management.
    Benefits: Saves time and money. Easily provision, monitor and manage remote sites without on-site IT or dedicated staff.
  • Security
    DHCP Snooping: Limit DHCP server responses to only a specified port.
    IP Source Guard: Protects against address spoofing.
    Access Control List: Controls which packet types (IPv4, IPv6 & MAC) should pass between ports on the switch.
  • Energy-Efficient PoE
    IEEE 802.3az compliant to reduce power consumption of ports during periods of inactivity and low link utilisation.
    Benefits: Reduces power consumption.
  • IP Conflict Prevention
    Prevents IP conflicts caused by a misconfigured or malicious host and blocks illegal DHCP traffic.
    Benefits: Improves network stability and protects important servers from IP conflicts. Enables fast identification and exclusion of incorrectly configured devices.
  • Voice VLAN & Surveillance VLAN
    Automatically assign VLANs and QoS configuration to devices with matching MAC address OUI upon connection to the switch.
    Benefits: Allows easy prioritisation of VoIP and IP Camera traffic and more control when implementing security policies.
  • Hardware Monitoring
    It monitors and controls the switch’s temperature, voltages and fan status. Integrated email notification alerts for voltage anomalies, fan failure, temperature alarms, or PoE budget issues.
    Benefits: Prevents network failure. Ensures high availability.

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