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Keep a close eye on DrayTek for security & surveillance

Keep a close eye
on DrayTek for security and surveillance

The ideal networking solution
for CCTV installers

When it comes to CCTV, having the right switches, routers, and APs is critical

Many switches, routers, and wireless APs in today’s market are general-purpose in design and focus more on delivering connectivity for office applications. However, security and CCTV installers need a more dedicated feature set, tailored specifically for bandwidth-hungry video applications. DrayTek’s networking equipment supports higher bandwidth and QoS, enabling the running of video and recordings across the network 24-hours a day.

DrayTek Switches

With DrayTek’s networking technology, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is more advanced, delivering a higher power budget. This alone is high-end IP cameras.

P2280X VigorSwitch

P2280X VigorSwitch

  • 24 ports
  • Dedicated video VLAN
  • QoS with prioritised video traffic
  • Embedded support for ONVIF

DrayTek Routers

With LTE failover options available in the Vigor 2862 series, routers connected to ADSL/VDSL automatically switch to 3G/4G in the event of DSL failure. This is critical for CCTV installations when reliant on uninterrupted connectivity.

Vigor 2862 Series

Vigor 2862 Series

  • QoS – increase priority of the CCTV traffic
  • LTE failover option

DrayTek Wireless APs

DrayTek has a comprehensive portfolio of APs with reliable connectivity for demanding environments. The VigorAP 918R series is designed for use outdoors with a water and dust resistant IP67 casing. Designed to reliably operate in extreme hot or cold conditions, the VigorAP 918R series are ideal access point for permanent outdoor installation.

VigorAP 918RPDs

VigorAP 918RPD

  • Ruggedised Outdoor AP
  • Can provide PoE to one camera
  • Dual Band 11ac Wave 2 Access Point
  • Wireless Security & VLANs
  • Central Management

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