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Simplified Broadband with Calls Tariffs

Nimans Network Services now offer a range of simplified wholesale broadband tariffs with phone line rental included on specific bundles. Created to maximise profitability for partners, these tariffs also assist resellers looking to specifically target SMB customers - offering a more straightforward choice without the complexity of too many options.

Which broadband technology to recommend to customers?

As a general rule, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connectivity is usually the preferred choice for SMBs as it can handle more data at quicker speeds, but for areas where FTTC is not available, DSL can also a cost effective option depending on your customers’ requirements and size of operation.

Speak to your Network Services Account Manager today on 0161 925 1530 to find out more about how our simplified broadband with calls tariffs can add value to your services and deliver an additional on-going revenue stream.


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