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Voice Services

Voice Services

Our voice services portfolio continues to be a key component of our proposition. We recognise that a key factor for a reseller to best manage their voice estate is visibility – not only of existing services but future orders as well (e.g. the ability to select numbers for customers etc.) We are constantly looking at ways to make ordering calls and lines as straight forward as possible.


  • Straight forward ordering for new customers or adding to /changing existing connections.
  • Access to pre order checkers to view product availability
  • Address matching facility
  • Order tracker (view Openreach installation engineer notes)
  • Fault Tracker (view Openreach fault engineer notes)
  • Number portability checker
  • Line testing and diagnosis checkers

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  • Competitive CPS call rates as well as regular rate reviews to ensure our resellers remain competitive
  • Simple processes to enable base transfers to Nimans
  • Daily and monthly CDRs easily accessed on the Hub with FTP access offered as standard.
  • Resellers have the ability to offer bundled minute solutions
  • Easy access to view wholesale tariffs and to view / amend end user sell tariffs for bureau resellers.


  • Freephone, 084, 087, 03, 01 & 02 UK geographic, International city numbers & International Freephone
  • Over 5 million new non geographic numbers available
  • Access to numbers from around the world
  • Number porting from all major network operators
  • Port and convert BT landlines to non-geographic numbers
  • Phone system call services deployed from the cloud, which means no capital expenditure
  • Manage numbers and call services in real time through the Number manager web portal and iPhone app
  • Build and deploy complex new call plans in minutes
  • Wide variety of call activity reports, including live calls-in-queue information and optional email subscriptions

Audio Conferencing

  • Secure Audio Conferencing Facilities
  • Includes conference call recording
  • Fixed monthly line rental – Unlimited use
  • Choice of welcome messages
  • Choice of male/female welcome voice
  • Variety of hold music options
  • Host control – separate Attendee/Host pin
  • Conference does not start until Host dials in
  • Name announcement for call participants

Audio Conferencing Benefits

  • Secure conference service
  • Simple and straight forward implementation
  • Immediate set-up
  • On-line set-up - amend and manage via portal
  • Flexible way for resellers to earn further revenues

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