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iQ Downloads


iQ Downloads


Firmware Updates

URL links for HTTP URL upgrade

  • IQPBX x600i - 15.19.441.48
  • IQPBX 2000 - 10.19.441.48
  • IQPBX 5000 - 14.19.441.471
  • Firmware numbering information – x.x.x.x –
    First part is the hardware code / second part is the firmware version number / third part is the country / last part is the release version in relation to the main firmware version number (Part 2)

    Please Note: Backups obtained on Firmware Versions x.16.441.x (16 version number) , x.17.441.x (17 version number) and x.18.441.x (18 version number) will not work on Firmware Versions x.19.441.x (19 version number).
    The PBX needs to be factory reset after the upgrade and has to be manually configured once more.

    You can upgrade you current firmware if already on Version x.19.441.x to the Latest version available above with any other change being necessary.

    For example if your x600i is on firmware version 15.19.441.29 or 15.19.441.471 you can upgrade to Version 15.19.441.48 without any other changes.

    If your firmware version is 15.18.441.x (18 version number) you can upgrade to version 15.19.441.48 (19 version number) but it will involve a factory reset and you will not be able to use your previous backups taken on version 15.18.x.x (18 version number)

  • Upgrade Software Procedure FTP (.doc)
  • Upgrade Software Procedure HTTP (.doc)

Provisioning Guides


Please Note: Please install the downloaded application, and once completed you can either Request a 7 day temporary license, which will allow complete access and functionality for 7 Days

Or you can Right click on the Orange square Icon, and left click on the "purchase/upgrade iQ PBX Call Logger", which in turn will open a purchase box and in there is a "PCID code which Nimans will need in order to supply the permanent License Key.

Manuals & Guides

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