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InGuard offers effective 24/7 defence from Toll Fraud

Did you know?

  • The estimated cost of global phone fraud each year is £25.5bn
  • The estimated cost of UK phone fraud each year is £1.2bn
  • 84% of UK businesses are considered to be unsafe from hacking
  • The increase on global phone fraud year on year is 15%
  • The cost of a typical toll fraud attack on UK businesses is £10,000

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What is toll fraud?

A fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system, usually via an open SIP port. Attacks are often highly organised from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands.

NEC’s InGuard application helps defend a business against toll fraud attacks and provides peace of mind for the user:

  • Effective 24/7 defence from Toll Fraud
  • Low cost solution (an on-board application) with no extra PC/server required
  • Configurable to your specific business call activity
  • Healthcheck feature to assess any weaknesses during installation

How does NEC’s InGuard application work?

All call activity is monitored 24/7 and any suspicious call activity is detected instantly. This results in one of two automatic alerts: an ‘alert only’ email sent to designated recipients, or in more severe cases an ‘alert and block’ which prevents any further call activity instantly. The emails explain why calls were considered to be suspicious. Once checked, if the call activity is legitimate the restriction can be quickly removed and your communications continue as normal.

InGuard is supported on the SL2100 and SV9100 platforms.

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