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NEC InReports

Available on SL1100, SL2100 and SV9100

NEC’s InReports is an always-on, embedded application, providing dashboard reports of your entire companies’ call efficiency.

This low cost, easy to use solution monitors your system all day, every day. This provides real-time statistics enabling greater productivity, lower costs & enhanced customer service. InReports provides 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your communications via a browser. It then produces pre-defined, graphically enhanced reports which are presented clearly in a number of different ways: Lists, Charts and Wallboards.

Download the InReports PDF to find out more here

INReports - Call management made simple

  • "Optimise" your company’s communication performance and enhance your customer service levels
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective, NEC’s new InReports makes the ideal starting point for call management.
  • Call performance is critical to your team’s productivity as well as levels of customer service.

Business benefits of INReports include:

  • Easy evaluation of your team’s communication performance
  • Real-time business critical statistics e.g average answer time & unanswered calls
  • Wallboard display statistics for team motivation
  • Proactively deter unauthorised calls

To learn more about InReports please call 0161 925 1469 or email

s/c 58960 – SL1100 InReports £200 RRP

s/c 58961 – SV9100 InReports £250 RRP

Please use part code 58960 to order InReports for SL1100 and view the Brochure with INReports for more information

Please use part code 58961 for order InReports for SV9100. Please view the SV9100 Brochure with INReports  for more information

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