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NS700 1000 Firmware Update

  NS700/1000 Firmware Update

NS700/1000 v4.6 firmware has now been released on BizPartner.  Below are the listed improvements made.  Please note feature enhancement 5 at the bottom FREE VM-EM licences!

Feature Enhancements
1. MRG Improvement for SIP
SIP phone can be used even during out of office.
MRG allows SIP connection through internet without VPN.
This version improves MRG
One SIP extension number for both local and remote
Stronger security for hacking

2. KX-NTV Door open by DPT etc.
When extension user dials “5” during talking with KX-NTV, door is opened.
KX-NTV can receive dials by RFC2833 only. PBX sends any dials by RFC2833
to SIP extension (Not only to KX-NTV). Programming is not required.

SIP TLS supports secured communication for SIP protocol.

4. FSK Message Waiting
Send FSK signal for Message Waiting to an analog telephone by default settings (SLT MW Mode=Disable).
If this feature is used together with MCSLC16/MCSLC24/EMSLC24 card (KX-TDA1176/1178/6179) for NS1000,
you have to upgrade the software of the card (MCSLC16/MCSLC24/EMSLC24 V7.004 or later).

5. Built-in E-mail AK
E-mail AK for UM is pre-installed for all extension users.

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