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Panasonic KX-NSX Series Activation Key

Panasonic Activation Key Offers

Panasonic KX-NSX Series Activation Key

The Ultimate Offer on the Ultimate Activation Key

To make the powerful unified communications capabilities of the Panasonic KX-NSX series even more appealing to your customers – and far more rewarding to you – we’re offering an exclusive ‘ULTIMATE Activation Key’ promotion to all Solutions Partners.

With the ULTIMATE activation key, users can add 31 additional high-value features to their KX-NSX system, with just one activation key, at one special price. So they receive more functionality, at a remarkably low cost, and you benefit from greater profit margins and reduced effort in customising the systems you are selling. Even after the initial sale, the advantages keep coming, as it’s equally easy to expand or add further features as customers require in the future.

It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

The offer includes activation keys for…

Capacity activation key Call control activation key Integration and redundancy activation key
  • IP trunk
  • Advanced user concept
  • CS CH expansion
  • Peripheral devices
  • Two-way recording
  • Message back up
  • Contact centre
  • LDAP connection
  • Multiple CTI connection
  • Redundancy
  • Expansion Gateway connection

    An opportunity to save cost, time and effort

  • One of the main advantages of the ULTIMATE Activation Key offer lies in the fact that users make huge savings – in terms of cost, time and effort. Thanks to the low flat price of the key, users save on their budget on an ongoing basis. Equally, as only one key is involved, they don’t need to allocate any time or manpower to customising the system for different activation keys for each feature. They simply purchase the ULTIMATE activation key and they’re ready to go.
  • Cost savings against the competition

  • When combined with the Panasonic KX-NSX series business communications server, the ULTIMATE activation key delivers huge cost savings.
  • Additionally, a flat pricing structure means costs don’t spiral and budgeting is straightforward, even when multiple users (anything up to 500, for example) are added.
  • Sector-specific benefits

  • For retailers and wholesalers, using the peripheral device activation key and a monitoring device, they can monitor their store(s) remotely. Equally, with the LDAP connection activation key, they can reduce the maintenance cost and time of managing a customer database directory.
  • In healthcare, the redundancy activation key means system downtime is absolutely minimised and the CS CH expansion key means staff stay connected, quickly and easily.
  • Owners for hotel businesses can use the advanced user and peripheral device activation keys to ensure staff can be reached, wherever they are working on the property.
  • Why recommend the Panasonic KX-NSX series?

  • Business communications server that provides services integrated with the users’ work style.
  • Offering flexibility, scalability, reliability and operability.
  • Users can connect desk phones, DECT phones, smartphones and PCs and tablets.
  • Each user can assign a single phone number to multiple devices such as their office phone and mobile phone.
  • Smart Desk function enables a number of users to share the same extension.
  • Using the My Portal web-based user interface, each user can easily operate the telephony function settings.
  • Delivers high operability in terms of maintenance, system and integration with user database or existing assets.
  • Supports up to 2,000 users and provides connectivity for up to 32 sites.
  • 1+1 redundancy, with a primary and secondary unit installed, ensures continuous operation.

Promotion valid until 30th June 2019.

KX-NSX1000 & KX-NSX2000 Key Features

  • Full operation continues in the event of a network outage
  • Remote system maintenance can be performed via a secure connection
  • UC Pro integration connects multiple devices such as desktops and mobiles
  • Full Multi Cell DECT system support
  • Supports Mobile Phone Integration (App)

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