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Rapid Cabling for NS700

Rapid Cabling Solutions For Panasonic NS700

Pre-terminated plug and play solutions linking cabling and telephone systems can offer a number of major benefits over the task of terminating cables on site.

Whether your preference is for a 24 port coupler panel and pre-configured hydra leads, or the deployment of the latest 16 port PANAPATCH 700 patch panel with cat 5e patch cables, a number of key benefits will become apparent when compared to terminating cables on site.

Increased speed of deployment – field terminations are time consuming and labour intensive. Pre-terminated, plug and play technology can save the installer up to 75% in on-site installation time compared to terminating cables onto panels and testing individually.

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With pre-configured assembles, the testing of the panels and the cables are performed by the manufacturer, therefore reducing time-consuming on-site testing and installation and costly installation errors.

Improvement in cable management is provided by eliminating excessive cable runs and loops. This practice ensures a well presented, safe and tidy solution for the customer.

Quick and efficient “clean up time” means limited wastage of materials, less mess at the premises and earlier job completion.

The use of pre-configured hydra leads into coupler panels or in the case of PANATCH 700, using standard Cat 5e patch leads, is a simple effective way of reducing stock, material costs and wastage of cables, leading to significant cost savings per installation.

Take the stress out of completing system installations on time. Invest in our plug and play cabling systems now and benefit from the rewards provided by the provision of our intelligent cabling solutions.


Code Description RRP GBP

PANAPATCH700 16 port RJ45 panel for use with standard Cat 5e patch cables *NEW PRODUCT*



53228 Cat 5e 24 port coupler panel, black *PRICE REDUCTION* £50.00
53222 NS700 1-2 Cable for DHLC4 card £10.00
53223 NS700 1-4 Cable for DHLC4 card £11.00
53224 NS700 1-2 Cable for DLC2 card £10.00
53225 NS700 1-2 Cable for SLC4 card £10.00
53226 NS700 1-4 Cable for SLC8/16 card £11.00
53227 NS700 1-4 Cable for DLC8/16 card £11.00

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