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Unify Homeworking Discounts

Unify Homeworking Discounts

Establish a viable home working environment for your customers with Unify devices

When your customers need to connect, there’s no substitute for a voice call. When time is precious, when you need clarification or an immediate decision with users needing to be heard, a voice conversation is always the best choice.

These are unprecedented times and your partnership with customers is more important than ever. We’re helping you to mobilise your customers to help them meet the challenges of the ever developing working environment.

The following discounts are available to support your customers to establish a viable home working environment.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP600E

This powerhouse device is more than a phone. Along with HD audio and all the voice capabilities you would expect from Unify, the CP600E is great for collaborative workplaces and remote working. It includes Circuit conversation integration and can be expanded with optional key modules.

Code: 63059

20% off

20% off

OpenScape Desk Phone IP35G ECO

This Desk Phone can be used with SIP or HFA software. It comes with built-in stand with 4 different angle positions with modern, space efficient and ergonomic design. The phone also comes with a gigabit ethernet LAN switch, headset connector and Rich SIP feature set.

Code: 53388

With the Unify devices on offer, your customers can meet the challenges of working remotely.

  • Get superior audio, efficiency and usability
  • Self installation and remote configuration support
  • The devices easily fit in both your office and home office
  • Suitable for OpenScape Business, OpenScape 4000, OpenScape Voice

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