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EP Cordless Range

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The EnGenius EP Cordless Range - Built for Distance & Durability!

EnGenius provide professional long-range cordless telephony solutions for a variety of markets, enabling companies to build manageable networks which are effective and efficient. Flexible, expandable configurations deliver critical investment protection and increased mobility in the workplace.

As a reseller, you can set your sights on targeting businesses with large floor space such as factories, nursing homes and large multi-story office blocks. The EP range has a distance of up 2 kilometres and can be used across up to 6 floors. It works on a radio wave so you can be assured that you will not get the same connection issues as a traditional Wi-Fi signal.

EnGenius Extreme EP800 Long-Range Cordless, Single Line Phone Systemengenius ep800 phone


  • Digital single line long range cordless phone
  • Handset with speakerphone function
  • Up to 4 bases/36 handsets
  • Half duplex broadcast/full duplex 2-way intercom
  • 50 phone book entries
  • ETSI caller ID type I/II
  • CE/RoHS compliant
  • Robust model (IP20 Rated)

EnGenius EP801 Long-Range Cordless

engenius ep801 phone

  • More range than 2.4 or 5.8Ghz
  • Out performs all DECT solutions
  • Digital spread spectrum security, with built-in 2-way radio between handsets
  • FCC compliant part 15 + part 68
  • Keypad and speakerphone on base unit

EnGenius EP802 Long-Range Cordless, Single Line Phone System

engenius ep802 phone

  • 38 digital channels
  • Long range: up to 2km
  • Expandable handset (up to 9 handsets)
  • Multi-base (up to 4 bases)
  • ETSI Caller ID supported
  • Phone book: 50 entries
  • Two-way intercom
  • Built-in 2.5mm headset jack
  • Optional outdoor antenna - sold separately
  • Long and short antenna included (in all handsets)

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