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Public Sector Spotlight

Posted on 01/02/2019

Public Sector Spotlight.

Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales, puts the public sector in the spotlight.

How difficult is it to become an authorised supplier to public sector organisations?
Every public sector organisation is governed by the EU procurement Directives meaning for purchases of IT products, hardware and services over a set threshold (£113,057 for Central Government and NHS or £172,514 for Police, Local Government and Education) have to be conducted through a recognised public sector buying organisation otherwise known as BPO’s. Frameworks are set up by the BPO’s with suppliers to provide goods and services according to certain requirements, e.g. price, quality and quantity.

Projects and purchases under these thresholds still need to meet strict covennance to ensure best value in price, quality and quantity are met. This is usually arrived through multiple quotes from suppliers registered to that public sector body’s purchasing teams.

To access the biggest projects and opportunities suppliers need to ensure they are part of a recognised framework. To join a recognised framework a supplier would usually tender through the BPO when they become available. Frameworks are set for a period of time, usually 2 years with an option to extend for a further year without the need to re-open through a tender process.

Which products and services are selling well?
Anything that helps the client find fluency with the digital transformation into unified comms is selling well. UC compatible end points and the value added services that wrap around these to add further adoption of the new technology are proving increasingly popular.

Are there new products on the horizon?
New products are continually being developed across the whole comms industry which improve productivity and public sector performance.

How is the purchasing behaviour of this vertical changing?

As public sector spending comes under more and more scrutiny the need to demonstrate value in what they purchase increases. The need of the reseller to demonstrate how not only the products and services they supply are not only meeting the need but delivering additional value in helping to achieve better productivity and improving efficiencies.

What are the top tips for sales success in this sector?
Understanding the specific verticals strategic drivers and demonstrating how your company has helped others in that vertical achieve these. It’s not all about transactional selling as solutions and services fit the need of the client better and will place you in an advisory relationship rather than a price point. Ensuring your company is officially registered as a supplier below the afore mentioned thresholds with the public sector body and of course positioning your company on as many recognised frameworks as possible.

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