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Rallying Call

Posted on 15/11/2011

Selling call management is becoming an increasingly higher priority for resellers, to help off-set the general slowdown in new system sales. Distributor Nimans says the growing influence of analytical information is helping dealers snaffle more sales from their existing bases.

“Your own base is king, you have to protect it and grow it”, says Head of System Sales, Paul Burn. “That’s very much the mantra for success in today’s challenging arena.”

Resellers also have to consider two distinct routes, either in-built or third party solutions, as Paul highlighted: “Obviously many systems have got elements of built-in functionality but it all depends on a customer’s requirements as to how sophisticated a call management solution needs to be. Is it a new customer or are you selling back to an old customer? There’s often more scope with a new customer to introduce different software and services.”

Paul says general market trends reflect the continued emphasis on out-of-the-box solutions. “Every manufacturer recognises that more needs to be attached to every sale, to help resellers deliver more and make every pitch as compelling as possible. Call management is more prevalent now as it is a crucial factor in tackling the ROI message – probably the most important question being posed by end users today.”

He emphasised: “In the early days call management came under the banner of missed calls, but today it’s more about analysis, call flows, the time of day, managing staff and the number of channels required to handle peak demand.

“It’s now much more sophisticated based on the ability to analyse data rather than merely provide data where you have to work things out for yourself. This has changed people’s perception of what call management should be.”

He added: “There’s always opportunities to sell call management. It’s the same with all applications. The key is getting resellers to go back into their own bases, with all the tools they need.

“Mining their own base and identifying new customers are equally important as pressure in the market continues. The volume of system sales is not where it was a few years ago so resellers have to adapt and identify new revenue streams.  Some businesses are keeping their systems for longer, which isn’t always a bad thing if resellers go back in and sell additional applications. This is where call management stands out as a valuable additional revenue generator.”

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