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Reap The Recording Rewards

Posted on 02/01/2013

 Call recording used to be an all or nothing conversation, says Paul Burn, Head of System Sales at Nimans. “You either needed it or you didn’t. But today a lot of phone systems have elements of call recording built-in, so this has opened people’s eyes to the benefits.”

He continued: “The challenge for resellers is how to move them up to a full blown call recording solution, as opposed to the free functionality. It’s a bit like the free apps you get on your iPhone that then encourage you to upgrade to a paid version.

“What customers want to do with the conversations and how they want to access them is what drives the next stage. Individual call recording is something that’s stored on a phone but search and retrieve is what ultimately differentiates the two areas.

“The software used to find and access a call, the format of that call that it has to be in, for legal compliance and storage capacity, are all factors. In many cases it can be difficult to sell the benefits of call recording because on the surface it does what it says on the tin. But the quality boils down to the search and retrieval and how easy it is to see and whether it can be linked to a call management package.”

Cost is obviously another crucial factor, according to Paul. “Different manufacturers very often talk in technical terms about storage capacity etc and how they can differentiate between a rival solution. Price very often drives the market. We know that from our own experience with the launch of a range of recording devices under our own brand Radius umbrella. These start from just £599 and have been a huge success.

“It brings it down from a nice to have, to a nice to have that can easily be afforded. At that point you don’t have to use it all the time. Some customers may have call recording as part of their telephone system. They’ve been given a taste but want to take it to the next stage. That could include activity monitoring for example. It depends on individual requirements. Is a company looking to monitor their internal processes or are they looking to improve the interaction they have with customers? It may be a combination of the two. Staff training or legal compliance tend to be the two biggest factors involved.

If they are looking for basic functionality then cost is the biggest driver, but as soon as they want to be more specialist then that moves them up into a higher technological arena.”

Paul concluded: “Call recording is growing on a monthly basis for us. Many resellers still view it as a peripheral item. The key to success is to revisit your customer base. This is a great product to go back with. It’s a very specific message and a great value add. The biggest success is when resellers attack their installed base rather than virgin customers. Everyone is conscious about piling price onto an initial sale because of the fears of making that sale too big and scaring the customer away. It’s a go back product. From our perspective we want to give dealers the right tools to go back with, at a very cost effective price point.”

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