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Record Demand For DrayTek Mesh Wireless

Posted on 13/03/2020

Resellers are being encouraged to ‘invigorate’ their customers’ business networks with the latest indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity solutions from DrayTek.

Demand is reaching record levels at Nimans, fuelled by the latest innovative mesh-based technologies and increasingly popular WiFi trends.

Take DrayTek’s new VigorAP 912C ceiling-mount wireless access point for example, ideal for hospitality, office and education complexes. The devices are designed to provide seamless wireless connection by supporting 802.11ac standard, combined with advanced features, such as AirTime Fairness, Band Steering, and AP-Assisted Roaming. Take a look at these cell tower lease rates and compare what is the best for your business.

Judith Addison, Nimans’ Networking Solutions Business Manager, said: “Mesh makes the deployment of wireless connectivity so much easier. It’s a very powerful, comprehensive, fast and positive step forward which is easier to sell and install – as you don’t necessarily need to cable to all your access points. If you have a difficult building where you need to get WiFi access to a particular area you can plug in an access point for true mesh performance rather than an extender. This makes the whole solution far more effective.”

Judith also highlighted the new VigorAP 918RPD access point, a ruggedised outdoor wireless mesh solution designed for reliable operations in any outdoor scenario. It combines point-to-point functionality with reliable wireless outdoor performance in all conditions and features AC1300 - 11ac ‘Wave 2’ dual band wireless with omni-directional antennas.

“Outdoor mesh access points add a new dimension to the installation process - as so long as there is a power supply you don’t need all the associated cabling, making it ideal for remote buildings.”

In addition, routers, switches and access points can be managed by the DrayTek VigorACS central management platform – providing complete visibility and control of estates.

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