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Remaining Positive

Posted on 13/10/2011

As another challenging year draws to a close, it’s been a period of consolidation for many in the industry, with little sign of the wider economy bursting back into life. Certainly 2011 could hardly be described as a year to remember, but despite the continued global slowdown there are still many reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that the darkest days are behind us, with more prosperous times on the horizon.

Lots of our customers continue to move forward, based on resilience and evolution, displaying a strong desire to innovate and embrace new market opportunities such as UC, video conferencing and software-based applications. Cross-selling to maximise sales potential is also proving vital in a tough market where sales opportunities can be limited, and return on investment remains at the top of a customer’s agenda. There’s no disguising that sales are down in certain areas across the industry but the tenacity and foresight of our customers is leading them into new fields such as IPCCTV, hosted telephony and even interactive whiteboards.

Having just returned from NEC’s partner conference in Valencia, attended a trade exhibition and witnessed a hugely successful reseller technology day at our Manchester headquarters, it’s clear to me that many positive vibes remain in the channel.

So as 2011 reaches its final throws, the key question to consider is: Is your glass half full or half empty? For me, there’s no reason to look back in anger. Let’s remain optimistic and move forward in an upbeat fashion. It may seem a long road back to prosperity for some, but every step in the right direction will shorten the journey.

Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans.


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