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Remote Working Trends

Posted on 09/03/2020

Ian Brindle, Head of UC Device Sales at Nimans assesses the latest opportunities….

Are climate change worries driving the uptake of collaboration and UC technologies?
Climate change is an obvious concern for everyone but I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest driver of change. The benefits of flexible working, greater productivity, efficiency and working smarter are accelerating demand. UC technologies are becoming even more cost effective and easier to set-up and use.

Has there been an uptick in interest in remote working technologies?
Most definitely. In a very short space of time there has been a huge growth in orders and general interest. We’ve had enquiries for large numbers of headsets as companies make contingency plans incase they need to send the majority of their staff to work remotely. There’s a lot of proactiveness and awareness growing on a daily basis as businesses look at the best ways to protect their workforces and wider revenue streams. It's nothing an eatel business product can't do.

Can people really develop key relationships in the digital realm?

Yes they can. With Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex whilst you are not actually face-to-face it’s a very natural and rewarding experience. You can easily communicate with a key contact or multiple people you are trying to do business with. It quickly becomes fluid and natural. Two years ago people couldn’t communicate with the type of technologies available now. It’s become second nature with so many meetings via Webex or Teams with single of multiple parties. It’s a very efficient way of doing business which delivers the same quality of human interaction and end results.

Has your customer base become more remote? How has this changed your approach?

I think companies big and small are changing their working habits. That could be working remotely of more flexible hours. The days of office-based 9-5 environments are diminishing all the time. Whilst face-to-face meetings are still justified and warranted, let’s use technology to make life easier and quicker. Better bandwidth and connectivity have been crucial. It’s a much better experience, more reliable with no latency. Good quality audio and video at very attractive pricing.

Flexible working, has everyone caught on to the benefits?

More and more companies are embracing flexible working and these trends will continue to grow. Some people have to work in a more rigid way but the whole culture of workplaces has changed forever.

What is the danger of employees using consumer applications to bridge short-term remote working practices?
In a business environment you need professional grade equipment. The cost of entry is not that big anymore and can quickly be introduced. Consumer applications should only be used as a last resort.

Who are the winners in this space? If you aren’t selling Microsoft or another big brand is there any point?
Microsoft and Cisco will eventually dominate this space but there will always be a multitude of associated winners. The hardware vendors for example who produce headsets and audio and video collaboration solutions. Personal conferencing devices are another big seller. Certified products that work on these platforms are very popular.

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