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Resellers Get A Helping Hand

Posted on 04/05/2012

Nimans is offering resellers a free helping hand after signing an exclusive lead generation agreement to drive customer sales to new heights of success.

Nimans has teamed-up with comms telemarketing specialists Marketing Mole to provide Panasonic, Siemens, Samsung, Aastra and NEC resellers with a ‘golden opportunity’ to capture greater levels of business.

“We initially trialled this project with our NEC customers and have now expanded it across all our five system brands, so successful it proved,” said Head of System Sales, Paul Burn.

Marketing Mole is generating dozens of exclusive leads a month which are then passed on by Nimans to resellers depending on geographical location.

“The biggest thing our resellers have said they want from us is support in finding new business,” Paul added. “It’s tough out there and we want to give resellers a helping hand.”

Marketing Mole Managing Director, Jonny McPhee, says teaming up with Nimans provides a very compelling customer combination, at a time when economic conditions remain ‘extremely challenging’.

"Since starting Marketing Mole in 2009 I believe we’ve been successful due to our unique approach. We specialise in the telecoms sector and provide guaranteed appointments as part of a client-focused ethos.

"I have ambitious and realistic growth plans for Marketing Mole, culminating in it becoming the main source for lead generation in the telecoms sector and ensuring that it stays there. The last 18 months have seen growth from a small and specialised SME born in a recession, into one of the most innovative marketing companies in the UK. Our dynamic and revolutionary ethos drives the daily performance and encourages efficiencies and customer needs to be refined and improved. Teaming up with such a respected industry name as Nimans represents a win-win situation for both companies, and more importantly its system-based resellers.”

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