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SaaS In Focus

Posted on 05/12/2018

SaaS In Focus.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Network Services at Nimans assess the Software as a Service arena.

With cloud-based business process deployment now a given, is the land grab era over?

I don’t think business process deployment has plateaued but we just all need to be careful how we position things. For example if you look at portals; two years ago they were seen as innovative and exciting but if you start talking about them now you are seen as being behind the times because there’s an expectation you have one anyway. It’s the same with the cloud. Just by saying ‘we’re moving to the cloud’ isn’t enough as you should have moved to the cloud already. The conversation has moved on, to say what are you actually doing to leverage the cloud. We are consuming cloud-based products more and more in our personal lives which is becoming part of our natural behaviour. The land grab era isn’t over as there’s a continual evolution of ‘on premise’ services moving to the cloud. It’s about adding more layers.

Given the number of choices available to users for any cloud based business process application are customers getting harder to find and putting pressure on profitability?

Yes customers are getting harder to find if you are following everyone else in a race to the bottom based on price. What resellers need to be looking at is how they can add value through managed services, professional services and consultation, for example. It’s about understanding what a business is looking to achieve and enabling them to do that. We are seeing this with Mobile Device Management, billing review software and also analytics of individual behaviours. Demonstrating how value added services can protect and generate more revenue, is the key to success. It’s about pushing people up the margin stack rather than driving costs down.

Nearly 70 percent of software vendors work with the channel in some way so how are they differentiating their offerings to recruit and retain channels?

When I speak to resellers a lot of them know they should be doing something but don’t know how to enable it. This is where a business like Nimans comes in because it’s about taking people on a journey and opening their eyes by creating stories and case studies and inspiring new ideas. This is really prevalent with hosted, Mobile Device Management and analytics and analysis software. You’ve got to show examples to resellers so they can translate this to their customers; painting pictures.

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