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See The Light

Posted on 03/01/2012

Nimans says more customers are ‘seeing the light’ as the distributor predicts growing demand for fibre optic installations throughout 2012. In-depth training courses are being planned for the New Year to help ‘dispel the complexity myth’ surrounding configuration.

Nimans’ Dealer Sales Director, Tom Maxwell, says fibre optics offer many advantages over conventional copper connectivity – including greater bandwidth, distance and security. But he says the cabling is often hampered by a ‘black art’ reputation.

“Fibre Optics still suffers from a perception that it’s a complicated process. This has put many dealers/installers off but we want to dispel the myth,” he explained. “We have the expertise in place to introduce any engineer into the world of fibre, from the simple basics through to termination and testing. Types of fibre, installation practices, splicing and connector types and panels are some of the many areas we will be sharing with customers through our new on-site training programme that starts early this year.”

Tom added: “Fibre optics represents the future of communication, as data travels at the speed of light. There are many benefits over traditional methods; with greater distances and higher bandwidths than copper - whilst fibre optic cables can be spliced together. In addition there are weight advantages for easier installation, whilst fibre is upgradeable and also very cost effective.”

2012 will also see Nimans continue to develop its own brand Titan data infrastructure product range that currently includes patch leads, cabinets, data modules and power distribution units. In addition Nimans has launched a series of AV products for the first time such as HDMI cabling modules and chrome faceplates.

Tom concluded: “We will continue to work closely with big name brands as well as develop our own brand portfolio as Nimans reinforces it position as a one-stop installation resource. Stock is available to pick-up direct from our on-site Trade Counteras well as by next-day delivery anywhere in the country.”

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