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Simplified Network Services

Posted on 15/02/2018

Simplified Network Services

Nimans has developed four powerful ways resellers can take the simple route to growing their network services – with dedicated guides pinpointing the steps to flexible and easy-to-manage success.

Simplified connectivity, mobile voice and data, hosted PBX and also broadband are the cornerstones of Nimans’ flourishing network services division.

Step-by-step guides have been created to showcase a host of services and support programmes where broadband tariffs are available from £6.95 per month and simple fixed price tariffs for 100mb and 1Gb ‘On-net connectivity’ can be accessed in eight major cities.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Nimans’ Head of Network Services says a powerful proposition simplifies sophisticated support solutions to deliver maximum reseller margins especially in the SMB sector.

“We recognise that network services can sometimes seem a complex conundrum for some resellers – from the technology itself to billing and recurring revenue. It’s a journey where many resellers are at different stages, but we’re with them every step of the way.

“We want them to engage with us so we can help them capture additional revenue. For example we offer a range of simplified wholesale tariffs specifically for resellers looking to target SMB customers and maximise their profitability without the complexity of too many mix ‘n’ match options.

“We also offer simplified billing and make it incredibly easy to expand their portfolio and sell connectivity, by simplifying the tariffs and services they offer their customers.”

Mark emphasised: “Our straightforward approach to wholesale tariffs, multi-service propositions and refined back office support deliver greater revenue and added value. Furthermore our simplified tariffs and bundles make it easier and more profitable for our partners to choose the right wholesale tariffs, voice and mobile packages. For those seeking a compelling hosted voice service we offer a choice of either up-front commission or revenue spread over the duration of the contract. Our new platform combines a feature-rich web portal alongside Yealink handsets and call package options to give resellers a competitive advantage in today’s growing hosted voice market.

“In addition we’re about to launch an upgraded web portal to simplify the complexities of manual administration too – enabling resellers to truly self-serve.

Mark concluded: “Whether data/voice connectivity, business mobile, hosted and cloud solutions or standard voice services, take the straightforward approach and simplify your supply network with Nimans.”

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