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SIP Market Trends

Posted on 01/05/2019

Ian Brindle, Head of UC Device Sales at Nimans looks at latest SIP market trends

Is this a price, feature or quality led market?
SIP connectivity obviously covers two areas; on-premise and the cloud. With the ISDN switch off looming this predominantly affects the on-premise arena and leaves resellers and their customers with a stark choice. Do they upgrade their on-premise systems to facilitate SIP Trunks or do they deploy SIP handsets in the cloud? Commercially there’s a crossroads ahead for lots of resellers - for upgrades and additional revenue.

Price and features depend on the environment. Warehouses and manufacturing sites would be more entry level and price driven, compared to offices which tend to be more focused on features and functionality. The choice is there, not only from a ‘voice’ point of view but also desktop video and broader integration which used to be much more cost prohibitive.

Are SIP/IP Phones still tied in some ‘proprietary’ way to host phone systems and platforms?
In terms of on-premise systems the big manufacturers tend to build their technology around their own platforms. You can deploy third party SIP devices but in some cases the functionality is limited. Hosted is much more flexible.

Who has got the best IP phone integration to a hosted telephony platform and why?
The way we look at our portfolio has to be based on the size of the market. It’s no secret that Broadsoft is the market leader so all our SIP handsets are tested and approved by Broadsoft. We’ve got a strong Yealink portfolio for example and now Cisco has come on board too.

How important is interoperability testing?
Interop testing is important as it gives people confidence in using those devices. Any manufacturer that wants credibility in the hosted market must have interoperability testing with a service provider.

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