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Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Posted on 24/04/2012

Embracing the headset market ensures resellers can stay one step ahead of the game and protect themselves from ‘predatory attacks’.

Distributor Nimans says in an age of increased cross-market competition headsets have become much more than a peripheral sale – and should be as an inherent component of every sales proposal.

“For me, far too many resellers view the headset market as a reactive rather than a proactive sale,” said Dealer Sales Director, Tom Maxwell. “A lot of them are just requesting a good, better and best option to complement a telephone system.  But it should be more sophisticated than that. There’s a degree of education required and we’re having great success in helping resellers plug the knowledge gap.

“One of our main areas of activity is to help dealers that are not selling headsets with traditional systems. Many are missing out, and in some cases they lack the knowledge and confidence to break into a new market as it isn’t something they feel completely comfortable about selling. We have an in-house training academy and provide collaborative marketing to make sure it’s a smooth and productive process.”

"The headset market is split into clearly defined categories according to Tom who explained: “There’s the traditional corded, wireless and UC optimised products. It’s vital that resellers ask the right questions so that they can provide the best solution for a particular need, both now and also in the future. To do this they need a basic understanding themselves but in some cases they just want the easy option. They need to understand that headsets are much more than an add-on and after-thought. They should be viewed as a customer need and if they are not supplying them, someone else is, who is also likely to be selling systems as well. They have to protect themselves and their customer base.”

The UC market is still bubbling away, says Tom. “A lot of end users want to safe-proof their headset investments and UC is their preferred route. Mobility is another important area that resellers should be using to capture more sales.”

Tom points out how demand continues to grow for multi-function devices that are specifically designed for the office, car and remote worker. “This year we’ve seen a noticeable rise in big orders for wireless headsets. People are using headset technology to work in a smarter way, embracing devices that are specifically designed to allow people to work flexibly and intuitively wherever they may be.

“Some resellers are being led by their customers instead of highlighting how headsets can change working patterns. Ultimately it’s about being more comfortable, confident and focused. Successful resellers include headsets in every sales opportunity, that’s the secret to maximising revenue. A lot of end users will have a preconceived idea about headsets and what they require but resellers need to give them the guidance whether they are making the right choice.”

Tom added: “In addition to the traditional headset brands available from Nimans, our own Radius brand continues to sell well, combining high value with high performance.”

He concluded: “A lot of dealers want to promote headsets but they need guidance. With the highly skilled team in place at Nimans we are able to offer the highest levels of support and service.  The message is slowly getting through.  Resellers need to understand that they have to be in the headset arena otherwise they run the risk of being undermined by a rival, not just for headsets but lots of other areas of the market.”

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