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Take More Credit

Posted on 14/02/2012

Nimans’ resellers are being urged to take more credit as reward for selling Siemens Enterprise Communication technology.

Dealers have until May 25th to earn up to £150 for every system sale – with cash rewards credited on individual incentive award Mastercards.

“We understand it’s getting tougher to persuade customers to part with their budgets. That’s why when you do succeed we want to reward you for all your hard work,” saidPaul Burn, Head of System Sales at Nimans. “Now it’s not just your customers that can benefit from one of the award winning OpenScape Office or HiPath 3000 solutions. You can too!”

Resellers first need to register online. Once sales have been verified cash will be charged within 72 hours to their OpenScape Office + MasterCard (sent out as soon as the first claim is approved). A league table of rewards range from £15 for a HiPath 500 system up to £150 for an OpenScape Office LX UC platform.

Paul added: “As the largest distributor of equipment from Siemens Enterprise Communications there’s never been a better time to be buying from Nimans. Not only do we offer the highest levels of pre and post sales support and biggest stock levels but all our customers can take advantage of this special thank you promotion that recognises the fundamental role they play in the continued success of ourselves and the manufacturer.

“Customers are free to spend their balance at over 25 million locations around the world, they are not restricted by any limitations or spending criteria.”

Resellers should login at to take part in the incentive from Siemens Enterprise Communications. Hardware, software and upgrades all qualify.

Tony Smith, Sales Director (Siemens Enterprise Communications), confirmed: “The latest releases for HiPath 3000 and OpenScape Office MX/LX make them more compelling than ever. New features of mobility, web collaboration, flexible deployment, virtualisation and the ability to plug into Outlook 2010 make it all much easier to use.

“From a reseller’s perspective, helping small to medium businesses get more done, improve customer service and reduce costs with cutting edge UC solutions has never been more profitable. Make sure you are not missing out.”

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