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Take The Simple Route To Success

Posted on 17/04/2019

Nimans’ resellers can take advantage of a tailored consultancy service for software-based telephony solutions – to help streamline the complex world of technology.

The company has teamed-up with CommSoft Software Solutions to help resellers take a seamless and simple route to success.

“Technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity,” emphasised John McKindland, Nimans’ Head of Solutions. “So, we are providing our customers with access to CommSoft who provide a consultancy service based on granular solutions rather than something off the shelf or out of the box.

“Resellers can come to us, tell us what they want and we can ensure the right solution is developed and delivered. We have a strong relationship with CommSoft which is getting even closer.”

CommSoft’s software solutions encompass call reporting, call and contact centres, CTI and hospitality and are ideally suited to a host of vertical sectors including healthcare.

Jeremy Whilde, CommSoft’s Technical Director, explained: “As we all know technology keeps evolving, bringing more complexity to telecoms channels which, itself has changed dramatically over recent times and continues to develop in step with technological changes.

“Best of breed, major brands, product features and service comparison on their own are no longer the major factors for providing customer satisfaction and secure ongoing revenue that they once were.”

He added: “Technology knowledge, experience and context are now even more important, but how do you find and maintain all of these critical factors and then manage the start to finish provision and ongoing support of different software solutions?

“CommSoft has been providing software solutions in the telecoms industry for many years and all of our software products are based on customer requirements and are constantly evolving to meet new requested requirement’s. But we find more than ever the most effective and important factors for providing repeatable, successful and sustainable solutions are based on fluidity, simplicity and effective processes.

“Both ourselves and Nimans recognise resellers have different levels of resources, knowledge, experience and requirements when it comes to providing software solutions, which is why we always work with each reseller to find the right balance in providing the best and most sustainable solutions.

“We provide telephone and remote internet consultations as required with the reseller and their end-users, resellers can participate in end-user consultations if required or let us handle the consultation process, we always provide a debrief for each consultation we handle so resellers know how things are progressing and if there are any new requirements or variations from the original request. It’s a win-win for ourselves, Nimans and its customer base.”

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