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The Green Dream

Posted on 10/04/2012

 A few years ago ‘going green’ was being hailed as the ‘next big thing’ – helping improve efficiency, cut costs and conserve the planet for future generations.    

But today the picture seems a little different with cynics wondering if the green dream is running out of steam, strangled by the harsh economic realities of the global downturn. 

There’s no denying the profile of carbon footprints and being ‘environmentally friendly’ doesn’t seem as high.  I’ve heard several comments that the green agenda is a luxury many businesses simply can’t afford to embrace. Whilst I can understand this to a degree, it is a short sighted view – that in some cases could land companies in trouble with the law. 

Certainly with the seemingly relentless surge in energy bills and petrol prices, conserving raw materials and power has never been more important, from a financial and environmental viewpoint. There’s already talk of water shortages this Summer as many areas are hit by an early hosepipe ban. 

The way we dispose of goods and recycle products at home and work has changed dramatically in recent times. Here at Nimans more than 100 tonnes of plastic waste, cardboard and paper were given a new lease of life last year as part of a productive recycling process. A bailing machine produces around two full 500kg bales of plastic packaging each month which are sent to be made into carpet fibres in India and China. 

The comms industry remains at the vanguard of the green revolution. Technologies such as video conferencing, unified communications and smartphones have transformed the way we keep in contact, often providing a viable alternative to face-to-face meetings. 

The world continues to change, technology continues to evolve but the green agenda is very much alive and kicking. There’s no going back. 

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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