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Thumbs-Up For Nimans

Posted on 14/07/2017

Thumbs-Up For Nimans

Nimans has been given a resounding thumbs-up from resellers following an in-depth survey which revealed exceptional levels of satisfaction.

Nimans targeted over 5,000 customers who were asked their opinions on all aspects of operations; notably sales, technical support, accounts, logistics, returns, marketing and its website. A resounding 93% said they would recommend the company.

Average satisfaction rates across all departments were up compared to a previous survey in 2015. For example overall satisfaction was 99% for stock availability, 96% for product range and 93% for helpfulness.

The findings delighted Nimans’ Head of Dealer Sales, Tom Maxwell, who said individual staff as well as departments were praised for great service.

“These results demonstrate how Nimans continues to innovate and evolve - combining an ever evolving product portfolio with the highest levels of service,” he emphasised.

They survey revealed how more than 70% of resellers prefer dealing with a dedicated account manager - and the vast majority hailed Nimans as offering a superior service to the competition.

Tom concluded: “In all business areas, more customers rated us as excellent than in
previous surveys which is very gratifying but we won’t be resting on our laurels. The majority of our customers still prefer to buy directly from an account manager and we will continue to offer the highest levels of personal service combined with innovative ways of working with us. The favourable responses will fire us further forward as Nimans reinforces its status as a complete solutions specialist helping resellers drive the adoption of the latest technologies such as business collaboration and UC to an even wider target audience.

“With a new warehouse expansion rapidly taking shape and innovative reseller services such as Compendium – our IP end point support strategy – Nimans continues to move forward to serve our customers and help them compete in an increasingly fluid and challenging market.”

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