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Two-Way Radios On-Song

Posted on 25/07/2019

Two-way radios have been hitting the right note at music festivals around the country.

Festival goer Adam Howard was part of a group of around 40 friends who took a mixture of two-way radios from Motorola and Cobra to a major Summer event – to keep in touch with each other as an alternative to traditional mobile phone communication.

Adam, from Manchester described the radios as ‘invaluable’ and said they are now an essential part of his festival kit bag.

“They were very beneficial even before the event got started. It was a massive complex and we all arrived at different times. A lot of people had been given their radios beforehand. Some travelled together whilst others arrived on different days and when they got to site they could immediately contact everyone,” he explained.

“The radios had been configured in advance in terms of radio channels etc and they provided very clear and reliable communication, no matter where we were. We could all find each other and meet up together. We would have really struggled without the radios which made everything so much easier.”

Adam continued: “Compared to mobiles they were a big advantage. When we were in one of the main arenas and particularly when a big act was performing, there was heavy signal congestion. We had a WhatsApp group but it was difficult for us to send messages and also to receive updates from others. The data was slow which meant the messages were way behind each other and often a waste of time. By comparison the radios were instantaneous, fast, convenient and reliable.”

Available from distribution specialist Nimans, the radios made it easy to contact everyone at the same time, as Adam highlighted: “Their ‘one to many’ function was especially useful and brilliant compared to making the same phone call to lots of different people. As we were all on the same radio channel, it meant one person could speak and we were all aware and able to clearly hear them.”

Adam concluded: “We would definitely take them again. They were invaluable. They provided painless communication at a time when mobiles just weren’t always up to the job in such a challenging environment.

“We had a battery pack plus AAA batteries so there were no issues keeping them charged. We had total communication when we needed it and where we needed it throughout the whole festival. The radios were fantastic and highly recommended.”

Gary Redshaw, Radio Communications Product Manager at Nimans says high profile music festivals are just one example of the many diverse environments two-way radios can shine.

“The benefits of today’s modern two-way radios are often under-rated and music festivals are one of a growing number of locations where they are ideally suited,” he emphasised.

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