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UC Headsets On The Rise

Posted on 11/12/2012

Nimans is reporting a doubling in demand for UC headsets, fuelled by adoption of live on-screen information and a new era of flexible working.

“As UC trickles down to SMB then so does the demand and desire for appropriate headsets,” points out Sales and Business Development Director,Richard Carter. “A traditional PBX end point tends to be tied to a desk without anywhere near the same levels of functionality or mobility.”

Carter highlighted: “We’ve seen a big take-up through our resellers within education and local councils, driven in part by attractive pricing of Microsoft Lync licences. We are experiencing UC headset sales growth of 100% year-on-year.”

There’s a big headset opportunity outside of the traditional contact centre world, says Carter. “There is 95% plus concentration of headsets within that environment but only 6% penetration in general offices. If you look at revenue of say £100 per headset then even if you double the 6% to 12% it’s a huge amount of business.  Whether people are at their desk, at home or on the move, many are typing and talking at the same time and therefore need headsets. UC raises the bar even further.

“In many environments, not to have a wireless headset makes no sense at all, especially where live information is used on screen for individual callers. People now work in a live data environment whereas years ago that wasn’t the case. General office staff used to write details down and input it later. Your typical person in an office wasn’t working live on screen whilst on the phone – unless they were in sales or accounts – but now they are talking to a caller and getting instant information on screen from various programmes. As soon as things become live and instant you need a headset.”

Carter highlighted: “The acceleration of general UC deployment has naturally also had a huge impact on sales of UC headsets, and this uplift will continue throughout 2013 and beyond.”

Arguments over the user benefits of UC headsets have been well documented but are they well understood by UC solution providers? Well according to Carter it’s a resounding yes!
“It boils down to quality; all components are crucial because ultimately an expensive UC comms system is only as strong as the weakest link. It can easily be undermined by poor quality headsets. 

 “Obviously resellers do find themselves coming under increased pressure to keep sales quotes as attractive as possible especially in today’s increasingly competitive market place.  There’s the temptation to go for a cheaper end point option but we strongly advise against this. 

“We’ve heard about situations where resellers have introduced low quality cheap headsets. The end user has then had such a bad experience with voice performance they complained about the UC platform itself, labelling it as poor. In reality this bad user experience is simply down to a poor quality headset. 

“Resellers need to be deploying headsets that complement and enhance overall system performance. This is particularly apparent at sites such as contact centres and offices where staff have previously been using headsets, and expectations have already been set.” 

He concluded: “The importance of delivering professional grade performance is crucial. If you fall below these standards end users are going to ask: What’s the point of UC? We’ve invested lots of money in technology that’s meant to bring workers together and we’ve ended up with an inferior service.” 

To assist and help resellers capture more sales, Nimans offers a comprehensive support structure. “We are currently working with resellers that have never sold headsets before and putting together, good, better and best options to make them as simple as possible to sell. We have headset training days and collaborative reseller marketing along with general awareness campaigns, giving resellers the confidence and knowledge to capture more business.”

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