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UC In The Spotlight

Posted on 03/04/2019

UC In the spotlight with John McKindland, Head of Solution Sales at Nimans…

What are the real life drivers?
There are a number of current drivers; one is the rationalisation of the supply chain. Go back five or six years and people were buying UC products from multiple suppliers. Now through enhanced distribution, the headset, the handset, the connectivity and everything else can be sourced from the same place.

Equally UC has now finally come of age. In the beginning it was a bit of a buzzword with resellers selling different elements - and along with their customers not fully exploiting its potential. But some of the key drivers are being maximised now especially around productivity and flexibility such as working from home – and people taking all the tools they need with them. They can work longer from anywhere. UC is revolutionising the way we work.

What business outcomes are the hot buttons to press?
There are two hot buttons from a reseller perspective. Do they want to be able to sell a bundled offering with perpetual licences or do they want to offer hardware as a service and bundle hardware and software in there? We’re seeing a lot of resellers stepping back slightly from recurring revenue, looking to lease certain services and products so they can get their margins and revenue a lot quicker.

For end users, UC enables them to provide much more flexibility and gain more good will from their workforces. Productivity is always maintained and in the majority of cases it increases with much faster response times. UC helps companies retain their staff.

What are SME’s looking for?
UC encompasses so many different pieces of hardware or software and the magic bullet is making sure a reseller gets it right for their customer, at a competitive price and to deliver a solution that can grow with their business.

Are cloud based solutions starting to dominate?
From a distribution point of view the whole comms channel has been evolving for the last 30 years – with various technologies coming and going. Here at Nimans we adapt to that and change our product sets and our approach to meet the channel’s needs.

The impact of the cloud continues to grow but there’s lots of life left in traditional hardware-based solutions.

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