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Video Conferencing In The Frame

Posted on 07/12/2011

Nimans ended 2011 in record breaking fashion as video conferencing sales reached new heights of success. Demand for devices from manufacturers such as Radvision, Panasonic and Polycom surged by 40% as Nimans finished the year on a high.

With market predictions of up to a 20% rise in conferencing sales over the next few years, Nimans is urging more resellers to put their businesses firmly in the frame.

Growth is being fuelled by a combination of factors such as the continued economic slowdown, sky high petrol prices, and lower cost of entry, according to Head of Conferencing Sales,Ian Brindle. He says a predicted harsh winter will further accelerate demand.

“ROI is crucial with every sale in today’s tough economic arena,” Ian confirmed. “Many businesses are looking to cut their operating budgets and conferencing is a proven way of achieving this. We know that Panasonic invested £750,000 by deploying video conferencing across their global operation and recouped their outlay in just six months on flights alone – so the numbers really do stack up.”

Ian says video conferencing is a proven alternative to business travel and has become a valuable reseller add-on to traditional system-based sales – based on high quality audio and visual performance. More end user awareness and education - part of an overall Unified Comms mix is also helping increase demand.

“Some industry experts are predicting a rise in conferencing sales of up to 20% by 2015 and these trends are certainly being mirrored here at Nimans,” Ian explained. “We’ve just eclipsed our previous record month by 40%.”

With the widest range of conferencing solutions in the channel, complemented by an in-house team of dedicated experts, Nimans is ideally placed to help dealers identify and capture more sales, he says.

“It’s clear to us that more resellers are seeing the full picture and expanding their own revenue opportunities – but there are many others that have still not grasped the nettle. Cost of entry of video conferencing has plunged from up to £25,000 a few years ago to just over £1,000 as a starting point now. We’ve been working hard with our manufacturer partners to ensure video conferencing is within the reach of every reseller, large or small.”

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