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Video Game Changer Gathers Momentum

Posted on 14/05/2013

Video conferencing is set to explode into life at the smaller end of the market, fuelled by more cost effective and flexible technologies - based on mobility and recurring revenue in a ‘virtual world’. 

That’s the view of Ian Brindle, Head of Conferencing Sales at Nimans who says sales opportunities encompass much more than just traditional room-based systems. 

Having acquired Videonations towards the end of 2012, the group is ideally positioned to help resellers maximise market opportunities where Video as a Service is emerging as an influential factor. 

Brindle highlighted: “From our group perspective video represents significant investment and focus in terms of where we see growth. Not only in end points but providing and delivering full real presence solutions spanning mobile phones and tablets for example. We’ve had growth year-on-year and independent market research forecasts further growth over the next three years across the industry. The general perception of this market has in the past revolved around room systems but now fully integrated solutions provide much more flexibility and choice about where video calls can be made and received. It could be a hotel room or even walking in the street. Virtual meeting rooms deliver a fully integrated solution. All these factors represent a bit of a game changer and resellers need to quickly grasp the nettle and move forward otherwise they will lose out from rival service providers. 

“Video is part of the UC picture but in the past it was often the missing piece of the jigsaw because it was viewed as cost prohibitive based on a full meeting room to full meeting room experience. It was only seen in enterprise whereas now it’s deliverable and affordable right down to SMB. The flexibility sits much better under the UC umbrella which adds to the growing momentum. In the past it was judged cumbersome and expensive. 

It’s clear that more and more SMB businesses are moving into video. From our own research we found that out of 1,000 SMB’s 14 % said they will definitely be embracing video conferencing. In terms of an OPEX model, return on investment is a ‘no brainer’. It’s not only an audio visual representation it’s also about sharing and displaying documents and presentation content. It’s about creating an environment that’s just like being there. Skype has opened the door but it can’t compete against professional grade solutions. The current economic climate is also another major factor as VC can save travel time and associated costs. 

“We make the whole process as painless as possible. Resellers can white label installation services but what really switches the light on for them is the recurring revenue model. This is based on VaaS. For a lot of resellers that already gain revenue from lines and minutes this is the next logical step. They can now engage with Nimans on this. 

“Certification and investment have turned resellers off in the past. But VaaS means that end points become a peripheral item really. From point of enquiry to point of sale we can provide as much support as necessary and hold their hand.” 

With Microsoft Lync adoption growing significantly VaaS and virtual meeting rooms provide seamless integration, as Brindle concluded: 

“If resellers with any reasonable size databases are not considering this type of technology somebody else will be taking advantage and speaking to their customers. 

“The big volumes will come in a real presence type situation. If 20% of businesses are using room system technology you can bet your bottom dollar that around 60% will be using mobile video technology and real presence over the coming few years.  The traditional video market is evolving fast.”

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