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Wear It Wisely

Posted on 13/10/2014

If 2015 really is to be the year of wearable devices we need to consider what the impact will be on drivers…. getting on the wrong side of the law and possibly risking their lives?

When mobile phones first became popular it wasn’t uncommon to see motorists flying around busy talking away on their handsets. The inevitable loss of concentration prompted new laws – and many accidents - which ultimately led to the emergence of mainstream hands-free kits and integrated systems.

The much heralded Apple Watch is due to hit the streets early next year which many analysts predict will fire-up so far muted sales of wearable devices.

Some drivers still flout mobile laws so it’s going to be interesting to see if legislation needs to adapt to cover wearables, as trying to read an email on your wrist on a much smaller screen will be even more dangerous than on a traditional handset. Google Glass is another developing area.

More than 80,000 accidents were caused by drivers distracted from the road between 2010 and 2013, according to official figures.

There’s already traction building around in-car comms integration and touch screen displays, and I suspect it won’t be too long before a central hub of comms technology is available, much more than just audio and sat nav functionality. Manufacturers such as Google and Apple have fairly accurate speech recognition systems which make in-car comms much safer as well as intuitive. 

The wearables market is going to be a big ‘talking point’, in and outside the car throughout the next 12 months and beyond..

Richard Carter, Group Sales & Business Development Director, Nimans

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