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Who Is Watching You?

Posted on 13/02/2012

The next time you leave your home or office have you ever wondered who may be watching you? Did you know we are all captured on CCTV up to 300 times each day as Britain remains the most watched nation in the world?

From going to the shops and attending sports events to simply driving through towns and cities or along any motorway, someone will be following our everyday movements.

It’s ironic that many people are camera shy by nature, and the majority of us are completely unaware we are being so heavily watched as we go about our daily lives.

The proliferation of CCTV encompasses a huge array of different environments, from hospitals, banks, fast food restaurants and supermarkets to railway stations, buses and airports. It seems cameras are everywhere.

The biggest argument for so much coverage is public protection and crime prevention. But with Big Brother seemingly watching our every move, some would argue it invades our individual privacy.  It’s a difficult balancing act for the authorities.

Today’s sophisticated cameras are cheaper to deploy than ever before and are packed with the latest technologies; face detection, progressive scan, low light compensation and built-in night vision deliver crisp high quality images across a vast array of indoor and outdoor locations. From a reseller’s perspective it’s grown into big business as network-based IP cameras become another natural ‘end point’.

Here at Nimans we run regular training exercises to show our customers just how easy it is to embrace a lucrative new revenue stream. Times remain tough but IP CCTV is a very effective way forward.

So don’t get caught out, make sure you put yourself in the frame and capture more business. You never know who is watching!


Richard Carter, Group Sales and Business Development Director, Nimans.

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