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Wi-Fi Payphones Are No American Dream

Posted on 16/05/2013

The UK’s first-ever payphones that feature built-in Wi-Fi hot-spots are set to take the UK by storm, inspired by an American dream. 

Exclusively launched on this side of the Atlantic by Nimans, resellers can enjoy recurring revenue of up to 40%, following in the footsteps of Boston where the service has been a tremendous overnight success. 

In a major UK breakthrough, the popular Solitaire 6000HS model has been injected with additional functionality to create payphones with added power – as part of a unique all-in-one solution. 

Pubs, restaurants, universities, hospitals, airports, railways stations, caravan sites and golf clubs are some of the many locations, resellers can target. The units boast up to a 200m range, 25 concurrent user capacity and an initial free 15 minutes internet usage. 

Nimans is keen to educate resellers about the huge sales potential, citing Boston as a ‘great example’ of how the service has captured public interest where around 100 pay phones will offer free wireless internet by the end of the summer. 

“Even though the Boston experience had nothing to do with us, it shows the massive potential for this service,” explained Andy Winfield, Purchasing Director at Nimans. “One site was heavily used even though there was nothing to indicate the Wi-Fi signal was available. Over a 24-hour period about 18,000 mobiles ‘noticed’ the signal and around 2,000 devices connected. Interestingly 200 people spent an average of 17 minutes using the internet connection.” 

Payments to the Solitaire Wi-Fi service can be made via credit and debit cards or prepaid cash vouchers bought on-site. An LCD cash record display monitors takings from traditional payphone calls whilst remote diagnostics ensures convenient maintenance. 

The Wi-Fi innovation is fully EU compliant and has a trade price of £429, just £129 more than the standard model. Resellers enjoy 40% commission on usage that can be split with their own customers if preferred. For sites wishing to offer totally free Wi-Fi then a monthly rental option is also available. 

Andy concluded: “Uptake in the US proves what a highly effective and popular service this has the potential to become in the UK. We feel it will be equally as popular here as on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s no American dream.”

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