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workUtopia From Nimans & Unify

Posted on 06/11/2018

workUtopia From Nimans & Unify.

Nimans’ resellers have given an enthusiastic welcome to the launch of Unify’s new workUtopia ethos that inspires peak performance as the world of work continues to change.

Dozens of resellers logged on for a special webinar to herald the arrival of Unify’s innovative vision based on an environment where everyone can perform at their best, improve productivity - and where well-being is as important as profit.

The workUtopia concept takes a bold look into the future of working practices and assesses areas such as AI and the impact of freelance workers through the Gig Economy - with both Nimans and Unify poised to take resellers on a journey of discovery.

“There’s been lots of interest and positive feedback,” says John McKindland, Nimans’ Head of Solutions. “The webinar was the first step in rolling out a comprehensive support programme. It was very well received and exciting times are ahead.”

He added: “WorkUtopia is a bold and visionary proposition that looks at many key areas about how modern working practices continue to change, from employee engagement and happiness to character collaboration and job creation through AI.

“It’s about staying one step ahead of the game and we can help take resellers on a journey so they can lead their customers into much more productive ways of working. True workUtopia!”

John emphasised how the concept embraces Unify’s ground-breaking UC and collaboration platform ‘Circuit’ as he emphasised: “WorkUtopia links into digital transformation and the digital workplace. For a reseller it’s about amplification and taking their customers on a journey to whatever workUtopia means to them. Everyone’s view and needs are different and Unify’s Circuit solution is flexible enough to adapt. It’s about embarking on a long term journey not a one-off sale.”

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