Remember, Remember the 5th of September

01 September 2023

What is happening?

As part of the overall 2025 switch off, September 5th 2023 is a significant milestone in the move to an all fibre network. The UK-wide national stop sell means that from this date, customers will no longer be able to order any new copper-based lines, although customers will still have access to their existing services.

This also means that any changes and modifications will also be unavailable, ultimately limiting customer’s ability to use their services effectively and expanding their network when required.

What is affected?

  • New supply of WLR single/multi lines, ISDN2, ISDN30, ADSL (SMPF), FTTC and G.Fast 

  • Changes to the above services which will no longer be available include:

  • Working line takeovers
  • Start of stopped lines
  • Changes to DDI ranges
  • Migrations
  • Like for Like Communications Provider (CP) transfers
  • Addition of broadband to copper voice lines
  • Bandwidth modifications
  • Additions of lines and channels to existing installations e.g. adding/removing ISDN channels

Modify orders for changing, adding or removing calling network features, which include management of debt, and changing of existing service maintenance levels, as well as Dynamic line Management (DLM) are accepted                                                     

What do resellers need to do now?

  • Find out from us if FTTP is available at your customers’ exchanges and if not move to SoGEA which has a 97%+ UK footprint, so is widely available. This also includes migrating FTTC to SoGEA
  • Carry out a full audit to understand what lines customers currently have and what they are using them for
  • Consider the voice requirements of your customers – our Hosted UC licences will provide voice continuity and existing numbers can be retained.

How we can support resellers

  • No upfront fees to convert Copper ADSL or FTTC to SoGEA or FTTP*
  • SoGEA and FTTP Hosted UC bundles (connectivity + voice solution)
  • ‘Data washing’ of customer address data for fibre availability.
  • Support for audits of customer estates to assess all lines that need to be migrated to fibre ready solutions.
  • White label marketing support to aid resellers with end customer communications
  • Where customers have alarm, Redcare or lift lines please contact us so we can advise on the alternate solution available for these services

*Subject to originating supplier. If BTW moving to SoGEA - no migration fee, half cease fees waivered, the rest can be amortised over the term. If BTW moving to FTTP - half cease fees waivered, the rest can me amortised over the term along with connection charge. Contact us for full pricing.

Contact us now sales@beyondconnectivity or call on 0161 925 1530.