Simplified Hosted UC Super Bundle

06 September 2022

New bundled licence includes call recording, Analytics and more. (Log in to see prices)

Our new bundle includes essential add-ons, at a significant saving, for a more rounded user experience for both users and management. Our super bundle provides a simpler ordering process and is easy to bill as features do not need to be added and billed separately:

Power up with all these features:

  • Standard Licence* - includes DDI, extension, 4000 mins call allowance** and mobile app
  • Analytics - lifetime call recording storage, one-click reporting and wall board
  • Pria Soft Client - with Outlook integration
  • Enhanced Analytics - wrap up codes, call sentiment analysis, unlimited ‘build your own’ wallboards
  • Video Conferencing App
  • Call Recording - PCI & MiFID II compliant
Contact us now sales@beyondconnectivity or call on 0161 925 1530.

*Standard unbundled price, on a 12-month term is [log in to see price]. Bundle available on a minimum 12-month term for new licences or out of contract resigns only. Super bundle is available to order until 31/12/23 and is charged at[log in to see price]  for the life of the super bundle.

**4000 minutes to 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile. Calls to these numbers shall not exceed 4000 minutes in total per handset/licence. The total number of calls to UK mobiles shall not exceed 2000 minutes per month (per licence). The total number of calls to 03 numbers shall not exceed 15% of the total calls made on any handset/licence per month.