SoGEA & Simplified UC Bundle

06 September 2022

Order connectivity and voice together

As SoGEA is supplied without a landline, customers need a voice application on their data connection to make calls. Our Simplified UC bundle is the perfect 2025 ready add-on and can now be ordered together:

SoGEA 40/10 or 80/20 + Simplified UC Licence
(Simplified UC licence only with mobile app and 4000 bundled minutes)

SoGEA Bundle Pricing

BundleConnection Self-install*Connection ManagedIntroductory price*Price after 3 months
SoGEA & Licence Only & Mobile App
inc. voice licence & 4000 minutes
[log in to see price][log in to see price][log in to see price][log in to see price]

*Subject to survey / availability

What is SoGEA?

SoGEA is one of two key solutions offered to customers to transition to from legacy connections (PSTN, ISDN, copper broadband etc) as part of the 2025 switch off.

SoGEA is stand alone and does not require a dedicated PSTN line, meaning cheaper overall rental costs. It’s simple to order, quick to install and offers speeds of up to 80Mb. SoGEA truly future-proofs customers’ connectivity.

Order process:

  • Raise SoGEA order on the Connect portal
  • Before submitting download and complete the Simplified UC order form (and LOA doc if required)
  • Go to ‘Add/view message’ and upload form(s)
  • Submit order
Contact us now or call on 0161 925 1530.

Terms & conditions:
Price applies to bundle including either SoGEA 40/10 or 80/20 connection. First 3 months introductory price. 36-month contract applies to all bundles. The SoGEA connectivity and Simplified  UC order must be ordered at the same time. Retrospective credits cannot be applied. Please refer to our ordering process document The above relates to our default SoGEA provider Zen. SoGEA is available via other Connect providers, however only Zen connections can be bundled with our offering.

Special offer / introductory price applies per SoGEA connection and corresponding licence. All additional licences are priced at the standard price. Multiple licences can be applied on a single SoGEA connection. A SoGEA connection per licence is not required in the same location (subject to usage, number of licences and bandwidth requirements.)

Example: SoGEA bundle plus 4 additional Simplified Hosted Licences:
SoGEA + initial licence = £28.80 (first 3 months, £32.95 thereafter)
Additional 4 licences = £23.80

* Subject to survey / availability