Ten from Zen

08 November 2023

£10 Amazon voucher for every SoGEA and FTTP connection*

Ensure your customers are 2025 switch-off ready by connecting to SoGEA and FTTP. Earn a £10 Amazon voucher for every qualifying connection from 1st November up until 31st December 2023.

This applies to new connections as well as migrations from other providers or upgrades from legacy copper broadband / FTTC.

What is SoGEA? (Single order Generic Ethernet Access)

SoGEA is one of two key solutions offered to customers to transition to from legacy connections (PSTN, ISDN, copper broadband etc) as part of the 2025 switch off. SoGEA is stand alone and does not require a dedicated PSTN line, meaning cheaper overall rental costs. It’s simple to order, quick to install and offers download speeds of up to 80Mb. 

SoGEA is a 2025 ready solution and can be bundled with our Simplified UC to offer voice capability.

What is FTTP? (Fibre to the Premise)

FTTP is a fibre only connection direct from the exchange to the business or residential premise. FTTP delivers high speed internet access, offering greater stability and certainty of performance with download speeds of up to 1Gb available.

FTTP is a 2025 ready solution and can be bundled with our Simplified UC to offer voice capability.

*Incentive applies to Zen SoGEA and FTTP connections only, either as standalone connections or as part of one of Nimans Connect's bundles. Incentive runs until 31/12/23. Orders need to be placed in November / December and connected by 31/12/23. Upgrades and migrations from legacy connections e.g. ADSL and FTTC qualify, but not upgrades where the legacy connection is already with Nimans Connect. Vouchers will be awarded for the total amount of qualifying connections at the beginning of December for November connections and the beginning of January 2024 for December connections. Vouchers are subject to availability. No cash alternative will be offered. Nimans Connect reserves the right to withdraw the incentive at any time

Contact us now connectsales@nimans.net or call on 0161 925 1530.