Get free Simplified Hosted UC licences with Switch and Save

Switch and Save 

Hosted UC Licences are free for up to 12 months when you migrate to us from another provider*

Why not switch and save today?

Through Simplified Hosted UC, resellers can offer a unique experience to their customers by opening up more hardware options, Teams integration (including Over The Top for Teams at no extra cost) and full visibility and management through our Analytics. 

We are offering resellers free licences when migrated to us from other providers. Switch to us and benefit from savings such as:

Migrate 100 licences - 3 months FREE - save £1500

Migrate 1000 licences - 6 months FREE - save £30,000

More Reasons to move to Simplified Hosted UC

  • Ensure competitiveness when current supplier costs may be rising
  • Move to a secure, reliable solution – delivered via the PortaOne platform
  • Mobile app provided as standard
  • Offer new hardware opportunities with our bundled handset licences (Yealink)
  • More flexibility in being able to offer discounted licences (based on licence savings
  • New revenue streams though Teams, Analytics etc.
  • New white label platform for an enhanced experience for both reseller and end user
  • Super Bundle – feature rich offering making our licences even more compelling 
  • Teams integration – our Over The Top (OTT) for Teams is included for free with our
    standard licence with the desktop app and/or Pria soft client

Super Bundle Special offer

Licences can be migrated to our Super Bundle for only £6 (normal wholesale price £9.99)

View super bundle

*Licences must be signed on a 3-year term. Additional 4000 minute call bundle at 95p per licence available (see below). Bundled hardware licences and the Super Bundle also qualify, please see Bundled licence pricing. Minimum licence requirement – 100. Incentive runs until 30/06/23 for resellers to commit their bas(es). Migrations can take place after this date.

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