Compendium Device Management Suite

Device Provisioning and Service Management

Compendium Device Management Suite (DMS) is a cloud-based multi-tier IP device provisioning and service management platform.

Powered by Swoop Datacom’s ForgeServe, the system is designed to provide resellers and service providers with a complete life-cycle management solution to increase margins, minimise operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction.

Powerful and intuitive, the platform encompasses a scalable and robust service for the provisioning, management and monitoring of IP devices such as ATAs and IP endpoints. The zero-touch approach ensures that you can deploy end-customer devices easily, track their assets with Geotag solutions, and perform remote firmware or real-time device management services from the cloud-based portal.

Provisioning, Management and Metrics

As the UC world becomes more competitive you need a best-of-breed solution to differentiate your brand and enhance revenues. We have combined our extensive knowledge of the IP market, with Swoop Datacom’s innovative cloud-based technology, to deliver the next generation in device management.

Powerful Management Capabilities:

  • Asset Management
  • Remote Management
  • Advanced Estate Management

The feature-rich toolset ensures complete control over devices connected to IP communications platforms. Designed with performance and simplicity in mind, the platform comes with a user-friendly interface designed to fit the business needs of the network. As companies grow, their device management operations can scale with them thanks to the flexibility of the solution.

Compendium DMS can connect an unlimited number of devices, offer unlimited logical advanced groups for device management in bulk or single device, and provide access to endpoints from multiple high-performance vendors.

Read more about Compendium, our unique ‘cradle to grave’ IP delivery and support solution developed exclusively for ICT resellers and service providers.

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