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Broadband & Fibre

Broadband technology has changed extensively over the past few years meaning fibre has become the norm. The 2025 switch off has been a key driver in rolling out fibre UK wide, enabling customers to get faster connections at competitive prices. Our connectivity portfolio covers fibre Broadband and Ethernet services

SoGEA (Single order Generic Ethernet Access)

Is a service that uses the same infrastructure as traditional broadband (FTTC) to deliver internet connectivity to homes and businesses, but without the requirement for a phone line.  SoGEA is a 2025 ready solution and can be bundled with our Simplified UC to offer voice capability.

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FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)

Is where a fibre only connection connects direct from the exchange to the business or residential premise, delivering high speed internet access, offering greater stability and certainty of performance. FTTP is a 2025 ready solution and can be bundled with our Simplified UC to offer voice capability.

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Fibre Ethernet

Our partnerships with multiple carriers means our resellers have access to a multitude of connectivity options up to 100Gb. Resellers can boost revenue opportunities by including free ADSL backup, managed routers and 24/7 cover.

Instant real time quotes with the added quote-to-order functionality presents the most competitive options for your customers.

The 2025 Switch Off

The UK is moving towards being an all fibre network by 2025. This has been a phased approach over a number of years where exchanges have been fibre enabled, making traditional copper based services (PSTN, ISDN & Copper ADSL/FTTC) redundant and no longer available for new orders. As we reach 2025, exchanges will eventually switch off copper, meaning any traditional services will cease to provide any service. 

September 2023 saw the National Stop Sell.  Customers can no longer order copper based services and additions, moves and changes to these services are either limited or no longer possible.

Customers need to move to either SoGEA or FTTP which are both 2025 ready solutions. Nimans Connect can provide the voice capability over these connections via one of our UC platforms.

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