Bureau Billing

Our Bureau Billing is a white label ‘bill and collection’ service that we offer to resellers who either choose not to manage their own billing, or do not have the infrastructure and resource to do so.

What this means is that resellers can retain customer ownership, by maintaining a wholesale relationship with their customers by billing multiple white label products on one invoice. In short, we use our platform to complete your bill run (in your name).

What does Bureau Billing offer resellers?

  • Rate Management – we manage your tariffs as per your instructions
  • Automated order portal – for bureau resellers to place and manage orders end to end
  • No restrictions – to the (Nimans Connect) network products and services that can be billed
  • Billing – we invoice your customers in your company name from your email
  • Margin Reports – by customer, CLI, Product category, call charges etc
  • Collection – we can collect the customer direct debits and pass on the money due to you
  • Service agreement – we provide you with a branded customer set-up form.
  • Ongoing support – for ordering, faults and after sales

Who is suited to our Bureau Billing Model?

  • Resellers looking to provide recurring licence based solutions
  • Start-up resellers needing billing capability
  • Dealers wanting to move from a referral commission / agency model to ‘reseller status’
  • Wholesale resellers no longer wanting to manage their billing in-house
  • Resellers unable to get a Direct Debit OIN from their bank
  • Resellers needing to retain customer ownership

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