Technical  Support & Helpdesk

Our  team is available free of charge, providing support for installations, products, and technical problems.

Access the helpdesk

Contact  technical support on: 0161 925 1981

Please have your Nimans account number to hand as this will be verified prior to service provision.

Existing customers only.

 Conditions of service:

Please read this information carefully as Nimans Technical Support is provided on assumption of acceptance of this information.

1.  When Nimans support carries out remote access

By disclosing remote access/log on details the customer retains sole responsibility for ongoing security and configuration checks. Nimans accepts no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, remote diagnostics. It remains the reseller’s engineer’s responsibility to check that any changes made have not compromised any on site security.

2.  When support is requested by unaccredited engineers

Nimans support to engineers is based upon the understanding that that engineer has the correct accreditation and/or training on the product they are requesting support on, to the latest available level of that accreditation. If the engineer calling has not got the correct level of accreditation further manufacturer escalation may not be possible and in this scenario best endeavours support can only be offered. (A full list of engineer training courses is available upon request.)

3.  When support is requested on legacy products or legacy versions of software

Legacy products, and equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer, will receive best endeavours support only and Nimans cannot guarantee a solution. This also includes current equipment that is on legacy levels of software. (In these cases an upgrade to the latest version of software may be required before support can be offered)

4.  When support is requested that involves 3rd party products/networks.

When it is suspected that any 3rd party equipment, networks or network providers, are at fault, or part of the fault, it is the responsibility of the calling engineer/company to carry out any diagnostics and/or changes on this equipment / network that are requested, and also to liaise with any relevant 3rd party companies required. It is also the responsibility of the calling engineer/company to provide all requested trace/diagnostic information from these products/networks.