Jabra Engage Series

Engineered to enhance
customer satisfaction.

Contact centre headsets designed to boost customer satisfaction

The Jabra Engage Series is designed to suit the needs of call centric workers who talk and listen to customers on the phone. Every Engage Series product is optimised to drive customer satisfaction by delivering great-sounding calls, even in noisy work environments.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Industry-leading wireless performance and density 
  • Advanced noise-cancelling microphone for crystal-clear calls 
  • All-day talk time and integrated busylight
  • Enhanced speakers with intelligent volume control
  • Choice of wearing options to suit every workstyle 
  • Works with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms - including Microsoft Teams and Zoom

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The key challenges facing contact centre agents today


Of of agents are working remotely part or full time, and they want more flexibility in deciding where they do their best work.
Calabrio Research, Health of the Contact Center 2021 


Of agents say they're managing more calls, where the calls are getting longer and more complex.
Calabrio Research, Health of the Contact Center 2021 


Of agents say rising customer expectations are a top challenge 
for their contact centre.
Calabrio Research, Health of the Contact Center 2021 


Of agents are struggling to hear what customers are saying, and regularly have to ask customers to repeat themselves.
Cisco BT Autonomous Customer 2021 whitepaper

Noise costs. Jabra Engage saves.

Noisy call centres experience longer calls and less satisfied customers. One smart investment in Jabra Engage, solves both problems. Jabra has uncovered the hidden cost of background noise, both financial and on the key performance indicators of contact centres.

1dB of background noise = 1 second longer calls

Unnecessary interruptions lead to up to a 10% increase in the average call length and up to 10% drop in customer satisfaction scores.

Jabra Engage headsets suppress a whopping 80% more background noise than MS Teams Open Office Premium certification requires. The result is improved conversation quality, less interruptions, shorter calls and happier customers. Plus, by shaving up to 10% off the average call handling time, agents can take more calls than ever before, and that initial investment pays itself back in weeks.

To help you show off the benefit of a smart investment, and see how much money your customers can save per agent, per year, speak to your Nimans account manager.

Engage 50 II & Engage 40 - New levels of customer satisfaction

Professional headsets that work with innovative Engage+ software to improve the call experience as it happens. Performance-boosting live guidance notifies agents to adjust boom arm position¹, monitor background noise levels, and silence during calls, so every interaction is optimised².

The unique pressure-relieving, hearing-protecting, ultra-lightweight design keeps them comfortable, while the programmable control unit gives agents command of calls at the tip of their fingers. Freeing them to focus on their customers' needs.

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¹ Only available with the Engage 50 II / ² Free software download required

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Engage Wired Portfolio

Jabra Engage 50 II

Jabra Engage 50 II is a new generation of contact centre headset. Engage+ software gives insights in real-time.

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Jabra Engage 50

Jabra Engage 50 - Engineered to be the world’s best professional digital corded headset.

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Jabra Engage 40

Jabra Engage 40 offers new levels of customer satisfaction. Engage+ software gives insights in real-time.

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Engage 55 - For your hybrid contact centre agents

If your customers have agents working all over the place, Jabra have the technology to help them make it work. With the right software and hardware combination, their agents can make anywhere their workspace for the day, and their supervisors can still confidently monitor and coach themBuilt for better conversations, both at home and in the office, the Jabra Engage 55 is designed for hybrid workers who spend most of their day in calls or virtual meetings.

  • Incredible wireless range
  • USB adapter (no base)
  • Passive Noise-Cancellation
  • Goes beyond the highest DECT Security Level C

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Engage Wireless Portfolio

Jabra Engage 75

Be free. The Jabra Engage 75 is perfect for those who need maximum range and multiple device connections.

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Jabra Engage 65

Be mobile. The Jabra Engage 65 is perfect for those who need to move around while they talk.

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Jabra Engage 55

Jabra Engage 55 is ideal for hybrid workers who spend most of their day on calls or virtual meetings.

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7 reasons to upgrade to Engage and seriously level UP customer satisfaction. Yours and theirs.

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