Our mission to create lasting positive change
to promote sustainability as a core 

value of our business

Our mission

“Our One Plan mission is to reduce environmental impact, promote social responsibility, and ensure economic viability through sustainable practices. We aim to inspire and empower others to join us in creating positive change for future generations.”

Why sustainability matters

The United Nations projects that the global population will reach 9.7 billion people by 2050.  The resources needed to support them would consume 3 planets when we all know we only have one.  It is easy to think that this is too big a task for individual companies and that it is for governments and NGO’s to fix, but it is not.  The challenge is that we all need to take ownership and do our own part in reducing the size of the task.  This is the only way we can overcome it; that’s why we, at Nimans, have come up with One Plan.

Nimans will be carbon “net zero” twenty years 
ahead of government targets

From the boardroom, to the sales floor, to the warehouse, we need One Plan.

In order to thrive, there is a recognition that our industry must change. Now it’s down to each and every one of us to make that change happen, to do this, we need to work to One Plan. A set of guiding principles to ensure both Nimans and the entire telecommunications industry meet the social, economic and climate challenges of today and in the future.   

At every level, throughout our business, there already is a momentum, energy and commitment to this philosophy.  Going forward if the challenges our industry face are enormous, they are surpassed by Nimans absolute commitment to meet them.  See our One Plan goals.

View One Plan goals

We must take responsibility seriously

For our people so that we have a positive impact on them and the communities they are part of; for our planet so we all have somewhere to live and thrive; for our business, not just in its performance, but for the way we go about our business.

It is these responsibilities that drive our charity work, our policies on diversity and inclusion, our volunteer work and our approach to sustainable business in general.

At Nimans we want to play our part in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Sustainability in the Tech Industry.
Why a single united plan is the best approach.

Discover One Plan

One Plan in numbers



Reduction in energy consumption


Certified renewable energy


General & plastic waste converted to energy


Cardboard recycled back into cardboard


Trees planted in East Africa working 
with DWS & Majority Audio


Trees planted in Manchester working 
with DPD